Internet of Things

In the logistics process of people and goods, IoT helps to track objects and transfer current data of the transported assets. IoT channels can also be used to control elements of the transport process remotely. This can save energy or avoid waiting times.

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What are the advantages of using EnrichGeo?
  • Communication System
    We understand that the communication system facilitates continuous communication between drivers and managers. Usually, the primary means of interaction between them are cell phones, which often lack the appropriate connection quality.
  • Location Tracking
    Knowing the location of a vehicle at any given moment in time is a very crucial information and our devices are used to track the specific location of vehicles at a given moment in time. These tracking tools help logistics industries calculate the estimated delivery time and monitor the tracks on the way to the warehouse, port, or ultimate destination.

  • Monitoring of the Supply Chain
    Supply chain real-time monitoring systems play an essential role in the industry. We provide instruments to help companies streamline the entire supply chain process, including acquiring raw stuff and shipping ready-to-use products.

  • Cybersecurity
    The transportation industry has to handle various IT security threats, the number of which has amplified recently. Hacker attacks on confidential data can affect companies, third-party vendors, and end client.
Benefits of Taking IoT Solution from EnrichGeo?
  • Reliable vehicle tracking
    Internet of Things helps businesses track the location of each vehicle, compare routes and find the most cost-efficient and sustainable delivery plans. Being highly aware of the ins and outs of the delivery process helps company owners evaluate employee performance and incentivize best practices, proactively react to problems on the road, and manage them effectively, thus reducing losses and risks.

  • Reduced shipping costs
    Automated order processing and status updating help companies cut the number of employees in charge of shipping, reducing overall operating costs. Using connected bots for last-mile delivery helps cut costs exponentially and increase customer satisfaction. Amazon has benefited from autonomous bots and drop-shipping lockers for years, improving the convenience and sustainability of deliveries and generating profit.
  • Improved supply chain planning
    Internet of Things applications provide businesses with multi-faceted data — how much time it takes to sell a given amount of products in the inventory, optimize deliveries, what vendors have better track records, and which distribution centers have higher conversions. As a result, managers can plan operations and predict the outcome of business decisions rather accurately.
  • People safety and employee monitoring
    One of the essential benefits of IoT in logistics is improved people safety. Smart devices and wearables used in logistics help business managers to monitor the staff’s physical condition and estimate risks. There are sensor-based applications that help protect employees from exposure to toxic substances and monitoring tools that alert drivers if they are not adhering to safety practices. Even devices can track an employee’s routines and evaluate staff’s performance based on the data. Using these insights, managers better understand employee efficiency, detect issues with time management or planning, and better align processes.
  • Product safety and improved transportation conditions
    Many IoT device development projects in logistics are focused on anti-theft goals — connected hardware to detect intrusion, sensors for real-time asset tracking, alarm systems, intelligent fences, and tracking systems for facility management using IoT. A business manager will be able to find an IoT solution for logistics that provides an increased inventory and supply chain visibility and protects from scams, product theft, or tampering.
  • How can IoT help in logistics inventory management and goods replacement?
    IoT sensors can monitor the condition of goods and detect damaged ones. Managers can be notified to substitute them before reaching the manufacturer or end customer.
  • How will IoT benefit the transportation and logistics industry?
    With IoT technologies, the transportation process will be more efficient and cost-effective. It will be easier for logistic managers to track goods, monitor their condition, allocate resources, reduce shipping costs and ensure safe delivery to the warehouse, port, and final destination.

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